Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nex Millen - Remixes Vol.1

Rollin XL30 (NXSO Remix)- Shuggie Otis f. Nex Millen
Priority (By Any Means Remix)- Mos Def
Get Me One (NXPW Remix)- NXPW f. 2ew Gun Ciz & Zilla Rocca
Devastating (Nuclear Soundclash Remix)- Rus Jaymes, Lawrence Arnell, Chief Kamanchi
Hit Em Up (Kickin Ass Remix)- Jawnzap7 f. Aul Purpis
Day By Day (Soul 2 Soul Remix)- Poesh Wonder f. Caron Wheeler
Bad Romance Alejandro (SGB Jungle Remix)- Lady Gaga
Come Beauty (Biz Beat Of The Day Remix)- Benedetti & Svoboda
If I Don’t Believe In Love (Tonight Show Remix)- Dido
Pens 4 Papers (Living The Culture Remix)- Jawnzap7 f. Miss Amy & Karimbeats
Dear Diary (My 2nd Diary Remix)- Joe Budden
Number One Single (Hit Record Remix)- Nico The Beast f. Toke Jones & 2ew Gun Ciz
On The Floor (Special Line Dance Remix)- Poesh Wonder f. Ashanti Newman
Mi Vida Hasta El Limite (Southwest Philly Remix)- BlackStar f. Nex Millen

Take It 2 Da Stage (12inch Vinyl Remix)- Nuthouse f. Lawrence Arnell
Dope new project from Nex Millen .
Nex Millen Remixes shows off NX’s range for producing timeless music of any genre. All songs are produced using Nex Millen’s SGB (Serato Garage Band) free hand method. Triggering samples and drums with Serato. And playing keys, bass and percussion through Garage Band straight into a D.A.W. with just a metronome, no sequencer to automatically snap the notes into place. This allows NX to operates more like a jazz player, freely improvising as he goes, giving the music his own swing and a fresh perspective on every take laid. “Rehearse it till you know it. Then lay it. There is no rush on timeless music”. NX explains.

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