Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thaione Davis - Vendredi Noir (Black Friday)

Thaione Davis release a new track reflecting on the paradox of the Black Friday.
You can download the track on is Bandcamp page.

SONNY JIM - Tall Poppy Syndrome EP

Latest offering from Sonny Jim : Tall Poppy Syndrome EP 
Dope little Ep ... enjoy !

More info :

Kooley High - Big Headed feat. Dj Pr!nce

New visual treatment for Kooley High track "Big Headed " Feat . Dj Pr!nce
-Kooley High presents... David Thompson coming Dec. 6th, 2011 via Fat Beats Digital Distribution

More info:

Killah Priest: The Document (Music Video)

Killah Priest new visual single from "The Psychic World Of Walter Reed" 
the project is due out January 30th, 2012.
Cool visual.

More info :

Bryant Dope - Queens Kids

Fresh visual, for Bryant Dope lead single Queens Kids of a upcoming mixtape.
You can download the track here :
Produced By Hannibal King.

More info:

Da Ricanstrukta + LuvJonez A.K.A J-Butta Presents : Rican Butter Flavored Remix

Fresh remix project by 2 skillful producer LuvJonez and Da Ricanstukta.

released 22 November 2011 
Remix Tracks 1,3,5,7-10,13 Produced by LuvJonez 
Remix Tracks 2,4,6,11,12 Produced by Da Ricanstrukta 
All Tracks Engineered by Da Ricanstrukta

You want more Da Ricanstrukta:

or more LuvJonez:

More info about LuvJonez:

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Boog Brown "Blink (Def Dee Remix)"

New remix from The Brown Study Remixes project
this track is remixed by Def Dee .All remix are from Boog debut album
featuring production by from Georgia Anne Muldrow, 14 KT and Apollo Brown
and  many more. The Project is dropping December 20th.

More info :

Don't sleep : ScholarMan - Best Gain (Prod. By Toksik) + Great Sacrifices We Make​.​.​. (EP)

released 28 November 2011 

Damn ScholarMan is dope if you want proofs check the EP he release in October 
and this is just unreleased tracks ...
upcoming Worth Fighting For project coming out in February .

More info :

BlakFace & AsiaticRhythms presents.. SunOfTheSlums/ReturnOfTheSlums

Fresh new release by Blakface of the AsiaticRhythms crew.

"Blakface presents Sun of the Slums/Return of the Slums. Blakface is one of many musicians using their star power to get attention and maintain awareness of the hardship still plaguing society. The slums are more than just a place of residents it’s a mind state that is affecting communities worldwide. Sun of the Slums/Return of the Slums is a loose concept album, based on a movie titled “Slum Dog Millionaire”."
More info:

The Foodchain - Dear Industry (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

2 weeks ago The Foodchain crew release this dope video for the track "Dear Industry".
The track is off the Brunch project .
listen and download below:

More info:

Monday, November 28, 2011

Leon Marin - I Gotta Go [Prod. by Christian Milo] |Dir: KeroFilms|

Fresh new video by my man Leon Marin (produced by Christian Milo)

More info:
For Collabs, Contact Leon Marin At:

For Production, Contact Christian Milo At:

Check this project for a good introduction to Leon Marin...

... and for more read this exclusive interview( interview-leon-marin-runaway-owls ) i have done with Leon
back in july.

Danny Brown – Blunt After Blunt (Video) (directed by ASAP Rocky )

New visual for the track "Blunt After Blunt" by Danny Brown off the XXX project.
The video is directed by ASAP Rocky.
You can listen and download the project just below.

Danny Brown "XXX" by foolsgoldrecs 


And don't miss Danny's project with Black Milk.

follow Danny :

Rashid Hadee (feat.The PRIMERIDIAN) - Night Train

Dope new video by Rashid Hadee feat. The Primeridian
the track is from the Leakage The PreEp


47:07 minutes of Funk and Soul mixed by Question.

"This Southern California beatsmith has been spinning hiphop since the early 90's. His production style is a mixture of obscure jazz samples, heavy beats, and live orchestration. Question's music can be defined as an interpretation of a timeless era, purely fueled by Jazz & Soul." (from is Bandcamp page)

More Question:

Exclusive Interview : Señor Kaos . Runaway Owl's Society exclusive

Interview by Mr.Owl

I'm proud to present this interview with the "Most Interesting MC In The World"... Señor Kaos
Enjoy , peace!

1.(Mr.Owl) Would you please give a quick introduction of yourself for people who don't know you?

   (Señor Kaos) My name is Señor Kaos I'm from Atlanta, GA and I'm the Most Interesting MC In The World. Over the past 3 years I've worked with some of Hip Hop's finest including: Phife Dawg, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Spinna, De La Soul, Punchline, J-Rawls, etc.

2.At 15 years old, you start to battle and go to open mics nights, what was your motivation back then?

   Just trying to get a rep. Trying to make a name for myself in the ATL underground scene. I wanted to be heard, I wanted to be scene, and I wanted to be respected. 

3.What are your future project and what can we expect for 2011- 2012 ?

   Right now it's ALL about the present. The album I've worked on for the past 3 years is FINALLY out! It's called "The Kaos Effect" I've been getting GREAT feedback on it, and I'm very proud to share it with the people. 

4.What about touring, do you plan to do a tour outside the states?

   Would love too. All I need is for these promoters to stop playing and book these dates.

5.Your latest album is produced entirely Illastrate, how did you end up working with him?

   Illa is based right here in Atlanta with me. We met YEARS ago. I first heard a record he was working on with another group, I reached too him, and when the time was right we both linked and started working. We didn't think it was going to be an album at first. We just knocked out record after record and it all came together. I love how Illastrate produced the whole album, but it doesn't sound like it. He's super underated on the beats, and I'm hoping this project will bring some light to both of us. 

6.How did you choose the featured artists (lot of them are very dope but underrated artists) of your latest album?

   Everybody on the album is family. These are people I've known for years. I've known Binkis Recs and Ekundayo since I was 16 years old. I've known J-Live for almost 9 years. These people know me, and know my story so it was only right they were involved with the project. 

7.Who and what are your  inspiration to making music?

   My inspiration for making music is to inspire people, the same way I was inspired when I was kid. The Hip-Hop I listened too inspired me to question authority, to learn more, do more. I feel like now a lot of this music is just inspiring a new generation of people to be dumb! So I guess you can say I'm fighting against that. It's a fight of what's right, against what's wrong.  "It's a war going on outside, no man is safe from!" - to quote Prodigy.

8. What have been the ups and downs since you started making music?

   Ups have been working with people who I consider legends. Working with people like DJ Jazzy Jeff and Phife of A Tribe Called Quest. I grew up watching these guys on TV so to be making music with them now is AMAZING! Downs - have been sometimes you get so focused on making music you forget to take care of real life: paying your bills on time, etc. I definitely passed up a lot of money focusing on being an artist.

9. What's the meanest thing ever said to you before during or after a gig?

   I rock the stage live, so I've never had anything mean said to me a gig fortunately. But there was a time when I was taking my music to every record label, and people at labels basically told me what I was doing was too "Hip Hop" and that nobody wanted to hear what I had to say. That was very discouraging.

10. Wat was the first lp/cd/cassette and or mixtape you ever bought with your own money?

   The first LP that I bought with MY OWN MONEY was definitely Nas "Illmatic" April 1994 on Cassette Tape. Before that I only had enough money to buy Cassette singles. You know the Maxi-Singles that were always like $3.49. And I used to buy blank tapes and just tape the songs off the radio. That's back when the radio was actually GREAT and you heard a song once, then you listened all day waiting for them to play that song again.

11.How do you spoil yourself?

   I spoil myself by eating Good! Keeping myself fresh in a new pair of kicks at all times.  

12.Talk about your hometown?

   Gentrification. Terrible public transportation. High employment rate, lot of homeless people... Great place to raise a family. 

13.Who's been supporting you and your career?

   The ATL underground scene started it. Squeeze Radio - DJ Sucio Smash & Timm See in NYC. And many DJ's, Bloggers, Tastemakers around the Globe. I've sold music to fans in the States, Japan, Netherlands, U.K., Estonia, etc.  

14.What do you think his overrated in the rap game?

   A lot of these Internet Rappers.

15.Who do you think is the best producer alive?

   I hate questions like these... DJ Premier is one of my favorites though. He provided the soundtrack to my life for like 10 straight years.

16.Who would be your ideal dinner guest, living or dead, and what
would you serve them + what music would you play?

   Stevie Wonder for sure. I dont cook a lot so I would serve him my world famous Spinach Turkey Tacos. I would play some Sergio Mendes, Roy Ayers. I would play a couple of my joints to see what he thinks. I would ask him about this songwriting over the years. His motivation, how he stays focused, etc. 

17.Thank you for taking the time out to speak to us any final words,
and or shout outs you wanna give?

   My new album "The Kaos Effect" is out NOW via HighWaterMusic ( It's available in digital and physical formats. I-Tunes, Amazon, & Indy Retailers Worldwide. Hit me on Twitter @SenorKaos and on Facebook at I also run a Blog


Dope music/Hip-Hop by Señor Kaos

Señor Kaos on the net

Many thanks to Señor Kaos for the time he give me .
Final note : support the overground Hip-Hop, support your local scene. 
Be part of the Going Up Movement = Support Share Support.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

JK1 The Supernova - 1st Come 1st Served Vol​.​3

Part 3 of the "1st Come 1st Served" series by JK1 The Supernova
go there( if you want part 1 and 2.
This series is the appetizer before he release is 2nd full length  project :
 When Fresh Was The Word To Say.

More info :

Dope discovery : Gary Samurai.

"Just listen to my music. It will tell you everything you need to know."
                                                                  Gary Samurai

released 16 October 2011

released 13 August 2011 

released 22 March 2011

released 10 December 2010

Dope new Mc from Atlanta, GA .

More info about Gary Samurai

Thanks to Levi for the dope discovery.

Levi - West [Neptune] (Prod. By Dijon Stylez) OFFICIAL VIDEO

New video by Levi produced by Dijon Stylez.
This is the first single off is upcoming EP "Neptune"

More info :

Saturday, November 26, 2011

DTMD x The Afrocentric Asians - Makin' Dollas Release Party: Live at DURKL

Damn!  this is dope as hell DTMD live! ...Don't sleep!

Release Party for DTMD's debut LP "Makin' Dollas"

Live at DURKL (443 Eye St. NW DC)



released 25 November 2011
Toine - words
Dunc - sound

The Afrocentric Asians:
Sam - Half-man, Half-Amazin'
Chuck Walsh - bass
Diko - drums
Drew Kid - electric piano/microKORG

Recorded by:
Josh of ACME & Drew Kid

Mixed by:
Josh of ACME
More info :

Support :

More DTMD info:

Silent Hornetz - Emancipation of Analog