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Interview : Venomous2000 The Ultra Emcee . Runaway Owl's Society Exclusive

Interview By Mr. Owl 

Let me introduce you to one of NJ finest : Mr Venomous2000 The Ultra Emcee.
Enjoy the interview and take some time to watch the videos .

(Mr. Owl) : Would you please give a quick introduction of yourself for people who don't know you.
  (Venomous) : Peace, the name is Venomous2000 The Ultra Emcee born and raise out of Passaic NJ. Been rhyming since 94.  The name is an acronym that stands for Very Energetic Nubian(NewBeing) On Mics Opening Univeral Sounding. I'm a part of an extended family of emcees, djs, producers, grafters--- Delinquent Soundz Entertainment, Next Philosophy, GreySquare Records, Manikinekopro. I've been blessed with the opportunity to do songs with Inspectah Deck, El Da Sensai, Smif N Wessun, John Robinson, to name a few and also to have blessed the stage with Keith Murray, Slick Rick, Raekwon, Lordz Of The Underground and countless other artists.  In all, i'm just riding my lane, building daily!

How your career started and how did you start with music ? 
  I started, as cliche as it may sound, listening to classic R&B soul music and of course early 80's HipHop (RunDMC, Juice Crew, Rakim, BDP, Lyte).  I never thought about doing the rhyming thing myself, i was more into learning other cats lyrics and reciting them like they were mine. Just started out as having fun. But something change when Wu came out. It was like an inspiration came over, i believe, a lot of people. I was one of those that decided to take up the Pen and see what "darts" i could start putting together. I use to kick freestyles and rhymes all through 7th and 8th grade, cyphering on corners, and hitting the notepads instead of hitting the books.  I was never formally schooled in music, aside from playing the saxophone in early grade school. Other than that, it was the tape deck, vcr, and turntable that schooled me on the music scene.  

What are your future project and what can we expect for 2011- 2012 ? 
  Wow, i don't even know what 2012 holds, but as far as this year, i do have a couple projects i'm wrapping up. A Moment To Reflect II is one project, which is like a compilation of songs i've recently done or featured on with other artists. I'm really liking the way this album sounds. I'm also putting the finishing touches on another project i'm putting together with DJ LAYZEE D out of the United Kingdom, entitled Path Of Light. Then there's the follow up album to Universally Connected with Kingshon entitled Still Connected.  I'm also starting a new project with DJ Priority (Paterson NJ) & DJ Manipulator (Boston MA) that will be a sure banger. Aside from those, there's a bunch of collaborations and smaller projects i'll be working on well into 2012.  I'm honestly just rocking at this point, building my catalog up again and building my company V2GPHOTOGRAPHY.

What about touring, do you plan to do a tour outside the states, or maybe even overseas ? 
 There's talk of Canada, France, & Belgium very soon…i'm keeping my mouth closed and fingers crossed… You'll find out soon as i get confirmation. Visit for updates…ha

Who are your role model ?
  Malcolm X, John Henrik Clarke, MbaHeru, all the Baba's passing wisdom, and of course my mom. (perseverance)

Who and what are your  inspiration to making music ? 
  First and foremost family is the main inspiration. As far as the music is concerned, I listen to a lot classic soul, jazz, and afrobeat.I love the classics like everyone else, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Hamilton Bohannon, Stevie, Coltrane, Miles, Fela Kuti, Kool & The Gang, Wu-Tang, ATCQ, BCC, BDP, and of course myself and DJ Priority(haha)

What have been the ups and downs since you started making music ?
  Wow, trying to balance the "outside" life and the "music" life man. Its an everyday battle. Contemplating things i should be doing, i could be doing, and what i want to be doing. Its not that easy to just up and bounce out the country or states to follow the music dreams when you have a full time job, a family, and bills to pay.  So many opportunities have been presented but family came/comes first, so its been tough trying to gain ground when i cant dedicate as much time as I believe is essential to make this adventure fortuitous. I'm still struggling with that balance and believe every ARTIST goes through these motions.

What's the meanest thing ever said to you before during or after a gig ? 
  "Yo you nice, but i think you need to slow down rapping. You rapping too fast and i think the audience can't understand you". (random patron at this venue) My response: "I think you and others think too slow".  I don't know if that was mean on my part or his, either way, i thought that was one of them.

What was the first lp/cd/cassette and or mixtape you ever bought with your own money ? 
  Wow..that's tough..i truly can't recall the FIRST one..i used to get freebies from my Singles and Maxi-singles from Record City in Passaic NJ. But i think i copped that Das Efx, "They Want Effects" joint.

How do you spoil yourself ? 
  Buying music and video equipment and laying down more music.

Talk about your hometown? ( the hip hop scene, the girls, and the food. ) 
  HAHA…Passaic use to have a dope Hip Hop scene as far as the latest albums dropping, cassettes, cds, vinyl, instores, and Hip Hop news was concerned . Record City was a dope spot over on Main Ave that a lot of local DJ's messed with instead of heading into NYC.  I linked with several well known producers in the town, Big Trev, A.C.L., DJ Mishap, Kingshon to name a few.  Way back, they use to hold concerts out in School #11 park. That was the first time i saw KRS ONE & MC Search perform.  Now of days, i figure its like a lot of inner cities with the Hip Hop scene, sh-- just aint the same.  There's clubs there where local and well known artists come out to perform, but that authentic/raw/culturally immersed flavor isn't' as present as before.Passaic has a now very heavy Hispanic & African American presence that i grew up with/around.  When it comes to the women, need i say more…(African American, Dominican, Jamaican, Puerto Rican, Haitian, Colombian, Southern(lol), Cuban, Mexican, Peruvian, Ecuadorian, the list goes on.  I hear people all the time saying, "yo V you from Passaic right? I used to date bad female from out there" I was talking to Sadat X about that in an old song he did where he mentions Passaic. 
 I can't stop eating that Chaufa de Vegetales (Peruvian rice & veggies) & my Domincan/Puerto Rican favorite Arroz, Bacalao, y Habechuela (Rice, Fish, Beans). Reminds me of home cooked meals!

Who's been supporting you and your career ?
  My daughter comments and gives me the co-sign on what's good and what isn't. So i use her as my filter system on any track that i think is appropriate for her to listen to. She's the first line of offense/defense. My brother "TREY" has been the number one supporter outwardly. This cat can't stop promoting my stuff. Even when i'm not confident in a song or some old material, this dude is still blasting it around town and now over the net. You could go and ask anyone from Passaic that knows me and how he use to roll with all windows down, backseat pulled down, and those pyramid speakers bumping my music. I'm surprised that dude not deaf now.

What do you think his overrated in the rap game? 
  Skills. I don't think a lot of cats are as nice as they claim they are..I'm just saying.

Tell us about father hood?  
  That's been the most invigorating thing in my life so far. I'm realizing all the choices i make, good or bad, will effect my little one. So i try my best to think things out before making a decision.It motivates me even more because i want to provide something for my daughter that i wasn't able to have as a child.  Its an everyday learning experience. You learn to listen, to be more decisive, to be more gentle, to be more respectful, to be more motivated to do things in general.  Its tough as an artist because there's a lot of time spent outside the home, but i'd like to have my daughter on more songs and more shows that are family oriented.  I WANT MORE KIDS…that's how fatherhood has been for me. 5

Who would be your ideal diner guest, living or dead and what would you serve them+ what music would you play?
  Whoa. The first person that popped in my head was Alicia Keys. I like sound, i like her vibes, i like HER. Most likely one of her songs would be played and i think i'd serve some baked or grilled salmon, rice, mixed vegetables, and a little salad. Nothing special.

Thank you for taking the time out to speak to us any final words, and or shout outs you wanna give?
  Of course, thank you for taking the time and asking the questions fam. Much appreciated
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Venomous20000 on the net:!/Venomous​2000

Many thanks to Venomous2000 for the time he give me .
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