Saturday, July 30, 2011

Support : One Be Lo - Laborhood Part 1

labor- n.
1-work, expecially hard physical work.
- such workers considered as a social class or political force.
2. the process of childbirth

A condition or state of being the thing or being in the role denoted by the word it is suffixed to, usually a noun.

child - childhood

A group sharing a specified condition or state.

brother - brotherhood
neighbor - neighborhood

The Laborhood mixtape series is a collection of songs that One Be Lo has made guest appearances on, aside from solo material. Part One features 14 tracks, Mixed by D Will. This rare collection spans over the last decade, highlighting various artists throughout the Laborhood.

Welcome to the Laborhood Part One.

RoSpit, T Calmese, Zhao, Deep Rooted, Mr Brady, The AZtexts, Fat Ray, T3, Phatboy Chef, Marv Won, Jamal Bufford, Fatt Father, Black Milk, Dub Sonata, 14KT, K Kruz, Longshot, Ka Di, Derek Caraway, Decompoze, Futuristic, Moe Dirdee, D Will, Stik Figa

Recorded in:
Pontiac, Detroit, San Diego, Vermont, Chicago, Kansas City, Los Angeles


released 28 July 2011

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