Thursday, April 26, 2012

SigNif - LIKE MY STYLE (Music Video)

Fresh new visual for the track "Like My Style" by SigNif, produced by Gee Wiz
out of the "Embracing Rejection" project.

Download/listen here.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't sleep: Pragmatic Theory Present : Curtis The Album

Remember the "Curtis Beat Tape"(released in February)?  Well, it's now a album/compilation !

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MC's : 

Benchwarmers Clique - 
Ben Z - 
Mez - 
Cor Stidak - 
Classic The Legend - 
Synapse - 
Divine Victory - 
Ibn Hasan - 
Omer One - 
RediBrown - 
Relly - 
J Digital - 
Clasick UF - 
Karpay Diam - 
B.Lowe - 
Conflict - 

Producers : 

Handbook - 
Mononome - 
DuckaDucka - 
Pawcut - 
Funky Notes - 
Byrdversion1 - 
Nextwon - 
ManOnWire - 
Constrobuz - 
Glyphick - 
ShainCaw - 
AudioDoctor - 
JP Balboa - 
Keith Price - 
MadColour - 
ProducerNature - 
A-Beats - 
Jewbei -

Monday, April 23, 2012

Project4Trees - 4piece​+​1

Fresh new project by Project4Trees (upcoming group hailing from Sacramento)

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Moe Pope - "Dead Kennedy's" feat. Slaine (Official Video)

Fresh new visual for the track "Dead Kennedy's" by Moe Pope, featuring
Slaine and produced by Rain.

Download here.

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Hexsagon - Beat Flip Tuesdays Volume 5

One week after releasing a solid Golden Era inspired tape, Hexsagone strike back with
the part. 5 of his "Beat Flip Tuesdays" series, one word ... Essential !

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Magno Garcia - Mind Detect Matter (EP)

Yesterday, Magno Garcia released his new EP "Mind Detect Matter" the project was completely
produced by Asethic. Don't hesitate and download this great (free) EP!
"After dropping his debut album "The Blue Rose Therapy," alongside Boston producer EvillDewer to form Magnificent Kingdom; Boston emcee Magno Garcia has decided to collaborate on an EP with Brooklyn producer Asethic to bring to life "Mind Detect Matter." An EP created based on using their creative minds to make a product filled with topics that matter to both parties. How does the title apply you may ask? Well simple. Both these artists’ brains were put to use to create a substance that will be occupying your ears for years to come."
More info.!/Mag_uh_No

Wordsworth - Knock On My Door (Produced by Erv Ford)

Freshly released single, from the upcoming Wordsworth project "The Photo Album "(dropping June 12th)

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Don't sleep: Sinitus Tempo & Doc Battle - Tasties

Fresh new remix project by Sinitus Tempo & Doc Battle, don't be a sleepers!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kenny Dope - Hip Hop & Breaks Saturday Basement Mix #2 April 2012

1.Time Leak/Redef Damu Remix-Union Ft Talib Kweli & Sly Johnson (Fatbeats)
2.Chit Chat-Natural Yogurt Band (Jazzman)
3.Year Of Hip Hop-LL Cool J (Slice Of Spice)
4.This Was A Time-Dee Felice Trio (Adiddas Originals)
5.Give The Drummer Some-Ultramagnetic Mc's (Adiddas Originals)
6.Greedy G-Mr.Chop (Now Again)
7.Yellow Soul Force-Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro (Jazzman)
8.Head Wiggle-Kashmere Stage Band (Kram)
9.Take It Easy/Kenny Dope Mix-Brass Construction (Kay-Dee)
10.Soul Power-The Soul Surfers (Funk Night)
11.King Kong-Big T Tyler (Aladdin)
12.Signs- J Dilla (Stones Throw)
13.Keep On Doin'-The Isley Brothers (T Neck)
14.Breakloose Ft. DJ Scratch-Rasheed Chappell (Kay-Dee)
15.Soul To The People Pt.1-The Fantastic Souls (Kay-Dee)
16.Hit The Bongo-Tito Puente (Tico)
17.I'Ve Got What You Need-Mary Jane Hooper (Power Pac)
18.Obsession 77-Atomic Forest (Now Again)
19.Thank You-York Wilborn's Psychedelic Six (Now Again)

Fresh new mix (Funk, Soul and Hip-Hop) by Kenny Dope.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Fresh sound: Dinson - Spring (Beat tape)

Suppa fresh beat tape by Dinson, if you like your beats Jazzy , well this is for you.
If anybody have any information about Dinson (FB, Twitter) to add to this post,
leave me a message, peace!

Don't sleep: Ty'Quan - How Ever (Official Video)

Fresh new video for the track "How Ever" by Ty'Quan (produced by
Amen Purgatory), out of the "GodBody" project. Don't sleep!

B-Rhymin - 7 Days of B​-​Rhymin

Freshly released  project by B-Rhymin (a upcoming emcee hailing from california).

More dopeness by B-Rhymin

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fresh sound: Hexsagon - The Golden Era Beat Tape

Yesterday Hexsagone let loose a great new beat tape, inspired by Hip-Hop's golden era.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dope discovery: Cos-G(aka Cosmo Galactus) - I Hate Mixtapes​!​!

Suppa fresh release by Cos-G ( great emcee hailing from Chicago).

"I Hate Mix tapes is an un mixtape collection of new and some classicmaterial by Cos-G. Mighty Joe Young insisted that there will be noobnoxious screaming over tracks nor 15 restarts. All original music ithave a classic Boom Bap, Golden Era Hip Hop feel. Production by KennyKeys, Mighty Joe Young, 5th Element, & Thaione Davis. This is an Albumfor the people, So people here it is ENJOY!"

More info.

Thanks to Kam Asante Tased and Joe Left Hand records for the dope discovery.

Rashid Hadee - Greatest Mother Ever (Official Video) + DL link.

Damn it's already the tenth (in two months!) video for  Rashid Hadee love
themed project Aural Sex: The Search For The Pinky Tuscadero.
Don't be a sleepers!


More info.

LEON - The Red Hat Path (Instrumental project)

Fresh sound by a upcoming artist named LEON remember the name, because it's not the last
time you heard his name.

More info.

Via (who also released a dope project this week).

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sizemen - Violence​: ​Sizemen Vs Machine (Beat tape)


Freshly released instrumental project by Sizemen (a suppa skillful french producer),
this (solid) project is a tribute to the 8Bits Fan.

More dopeness by Sizemen.

More info.

Don't sleep: Jay Long (Sonic) - Stay Flossin' (Prod. By George Jetson)

Freshly released track by Jay Long (Sonic), produced by George Jetson, courtesy of the
Passing Flights Entertainment crew. Don't sleep!

More info.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

G-Man/Decksterrortry - Legendz Ov DOOM​!​!​!

Ninety One - Short Nights (EP)


or listen here:

Fresh new release by Ninety One (2 skillful french producers)
If your a fan of Boombap and Jazzy Hip-Hop
release is for you.

More info.

Don't sleep: Dark Billy (Badprod Rikordz) - RAW MATERIALS [beat tape]

Freshly released (big) beat tape by Dark Billy (Badprod Rikordz),
a solid tape , by a dope / skillful upcoming producer, don't be a sleepers!

(Direct download)

More info.

Monday, April 9, 2012

J.Good - Laura's Ode (Video)

Fresh new visual for the track "Laura's Ode" by J.Good out of his upcoming
EP "The Journal Of Douglas Pinderhughes".

More dopeness by J. Good.

More info.

Don't sleep: Byrdversion1 - Thank You (Beat tape)

It's been a week since this project is out and every day i told myself "Man i have to post this today".
Well it's a message by the artist himself who remember me how dope this beat tape was.
So this is the new beat tape by Byrdversion1, a first-class beat maker hailing from Philadelphia, Pa.

More info.