Monday, July 11, 2011

Interview : Be.water (Emcee/Producer) Runaway Owl's Society Exclusive

Interview by Mr. Owl

BE.water (Sam Ledford III), his name derived from the famous Bruce Lee quote about water, is an up-and-coming (and fu@%?& dope) emcee/producer representing Inland Empire, California and currently residing in Chicago, IL. 

 (Mr.Owl) . Introduce yourself for readers who don't now you.
(BE.water).BE.water - Emcee/Producer from the Inland Empire, CA. Living in the Chi (Chicago)

How did you get into Hip-hop?
I started out writing poetry back in like, 8th grade for an assignment. I was alright at it, so I kept at it - writing and all. I actually started rhyming on the bus home from football games in my 9th grade year. First time I can say I officially started rapping, ha.

When did you start making beat and why?
I first ATTEMPTED to make a beat my sophomore year of high school. That shit frustrated me, and I didnt try to make another beat again until my freshman year of college in CA. I was inspired again to make beats by the "big homie" Innachi a.k.a Niggod thee Urban Grunt. I started making beats because I started realizing that beat jacking off of is NOT cool... & I needed beats. So at first it came out of necessity, but it grew from that to an actual love for the craft. 

What equipment do you use for making beats?
I use an MPC1000, M-Audio Keyrig 49 and Reason 4. Gotta bootleg 5 somehow, ha ha.

What are your expectation for 2011?
My expectation is to find continued success in my ventures and build off of the blocks Im setting down. This year so far I've released two albums - One being a collaborative album called "Wins over Losses" with my man N.VS as a part of L.A.Exchange and Two being the most recent drop of my solo instrumental album "Stars Of Eternal Shine" - and I'm just looking to continue to get those albums to reach more ears and breakthrough on the scene. I expect great.

Who are yours role models and/ or Inspirations?
Shoot, This list could be pretty damn long, but for the most part a large part of my sound is due to listening to a whole lot of: Pete Rock AKA Chocolate Boy Wonder AKA Soulbrother #1, J Dilla, Madlib, Flying Lotus, Primo, 9th and Kanye. As far as people in my circle - they also inspire me, because you know, friendly competition... I dont wanna fall behind. But guys like: Jansport J, Labcat, Garfield Adams, N.VS, Calvin Valentine, Ari Stackhouse. These guys push me to produce better and are part of the circle I'm affiliated with. 

Any upcoming projects?
I have an Instrumental album coming out later 4th quarter 2011 tentatively named "One Minute:43" and gonna be doing an album here in the near future with Emperor Bohe again, and then 2012 "The Daily Commute" with Jansport.
On another note, I am also doing the mixing for Jansport J's upcoming album Movemeants II so look out for that.

What advice should you have taken, but did not?
hmm, thats a tough question... I cant really recall a time I regretted not taking someone's advice. I feel like if the advice is good, I generally make a good decision with what I'm offered. If anything most of the advice I've turned down has been advice about switching up my style... I refuse to do so. I intend to EVOLVE, because though Evolving means to change, it does that from a common root, or for lack of a better term ancestry. My roots are "Boom Bap".

What should everyone shut up about?/what do you find overrated?
Ha! Well, I'm definitely tired of the Term "Swag". I'm sick of beats at 70 BPM with a nigga rhyming like he just drank a whole bottle of promethyzine and smoked 3 Loud Blunts. I'm tired of autotune. I'm sick of the radio playing the same 11 songs all day... The monotony. There needs to be more local support from stations and More widespread variety in the mainstream. Hip Hop's been whored out. So when I see it in it's pure form, Its truth. Its art. I feel the culture has been somewhat lost on these younger generations. AND EMCEES NEED TO STEP THEIR BARS UP.

who would be your ideal dinner guest (dead or alive ), what would you serve them and what music will be playing?
My Ideal guest would be Big Ghost the Wally Champ nahmean. I'd feed that nigga caviar and the finest handcarved steaks and fuckin fountains will be flowing into ponds of Cristal. You see cause the nigga is high class n shit like that. He'd probably come in the crib and request Pachelbels Canon in D or some shit. That or Sade, and I'm getting her whatever her heart desires... and I'll have angels playing the harp for her and shit while we feast on wild strawberries.

Talk about Chicago ! (Rap scene , food , life, anything)
I love Chicago. Being an L.A. cat, Im not used to seeing everything around me so FLAT. The rap scene is dope, just gotta be at the right places at the right time. The food...Im a food connoisseur & I respect the tastes that Chicago has to offer. The Pizza is SUPER on point. My thing here is the Women... Shit...but thats anywhere. haha They are much different than in Cali though. Way more brunettes haha
And the whole city seems to have caught the hipster. Though I'm not sure if that just here or its a national epidemic.
And for the record, another thing that needs to stop in hip hop - Tight Pants. 

Yo thank you for your time any final words/ shout outs you wanna give?
Yeah shout out to the Runaway Owl's Society. big ups to the whole Fang Tshida crew, Jansport J, RAa, Labcat & Garfield Adams. Bench Mob. Emperor Bohe & The whole RVC. Shout Out to the Suburban DNA camp, peace to Sidewalk Chalk & the Backyard Boogie. Peace to the fans & listeners. Anybody I've forgotten attribute it to my head not my heart.

Dope music/Hip-Hop by BE.water

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  1. Dope shit mangz keep up the good work be.water do ya thangz mangz!

  2. Haha..You forgot to mention the days in high school where you'd rap at the picnic tables during lunch. You had a whole crowd gathered around you then!! You're a superstar, with enormous presence and more intelligence than people give you credit for. BRAVO!! Don't waste your time or your talents (God's gifts) trying to be like anybody else.. Just be you, do what comes naturally, do what feels right in your heart, and keep doing YOUR thing!! x0 -Tia aka Mai Tai.