Friday, March 2, 2012

Don't sleep: Nazzy - Return to Forever


Yesterday, Nazzy released is monthly (He started his series back in October 2011) beat tape.
Yo the kid is only 15 or 16 year's old and been making beat since April 2011.

"Beat tape numero six. I went back to the drawing board with the way i created these beats and how i felt during the creation of them. Less, 'how will this sound with a rapper on it', and more, 'I want someone listening to these instrumentals to just be able to enjoy them as instrumentals.' 
These beats are almost like rough drafts, in that they are just ideas thrown together without caring about counting bars or forcing intros and outros to the beats. While i still made them where you can rap over them, it's also an enjoyable experience just solo. Hopefully you enjoy and this gets you excited for the collaboration projects i've got soon." 

More info.

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