Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dope discovery: Zayn - Dazed and Diffused (Mixtape)

Let's stay in the UK with this dope release by Zayn on Standup Recordz (same as Split Prophets).
This project was released back in December (2011).
"Zayn Grieve, known as Lisp was born in South Africa in 1992. Moved to live in Scotland with his Family at around the age of 5. Brought up in Glasgow, grew up in most areas as he moved about alot but would consider himself bred in Pollockshaw/ Shawbridge. I've always been surrounded by hip hop music, my father was a DJ and uncles and aunts have always been involved in music of some sort so its always been in the blood. First started writing lyrics when i was about 12 or 13 and was first exposed to rap/hip hop at first hand by my cousin tuffey who was in a rap group called 4D so from then on i just wanted to learn and do as much as i could. i like all types of music, as long as its true, soulful and can teach the listener so thats what i try to accomplish when i'm making my music aswell as the fact that its really apart of me. its everything that makes me who i am as to say no matter how dry that sounds. so i hope ya'l enjoy whats here and whats to come."
More info.

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