Monday, March 26, 2012

Dope discovery: Lateef Dameer & Nurthice - River On Glass

"I've always felt that music was about creating experiences, communicating things that say far more than words ever will. This project is the result of a communication that has been developed over the past few years between myself (Lateef) and Nurthice. Although we live in different parts of the world, (US, Bulgaria) this hasn't hindered our ability to share ideas committed to the purpose of expressing thing timeless."
More info.

Track 11 - River On Glass (Suplington Remix) 
Produced by Suplington 

Track 12 - River On Glass (Joe Burn'em Remix) 
Produced by Joe Burn'em 

Track 13 - River On Glass ($1 Bin Remix) 
Produced by $1 Bin 

Track 14 - River On Glass (Sleepy Drumkid Alternate Take) 
Produced by Sleepy Drumkid 

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