Wednesday, March 21, 2012

EvillDewer - CrownChakraRocka [ Sahasrara Adri ]

This solid instrumental project was released yesterday by Boston's own EvillDewer,
a suppa versatile /skillful producer.
"I present to you EvillDewer's latest digital Instrumental release: CrownChakraRocka [ Sahasrara Adri ].CCR Is the first release of a Double LP in which EvillDewer teams up with fellow Cool Collective Reps music group affiliate and producer for Hip hop trio [Retrospek] Rah Intelligence to form the super duo Evill Genius.CCR is EvillDewer's seventh Instrumental release and first full length album.This time around EvillDewer displays his more spiritual side, Inviting listeners to experience the external interpretation of his journey to acquiring higher consciousness through the crown chakra.While CCR delivers that same signature raw,sample induced Hip Hop sound EvillDewer is known for you can expect various electronic undertones within that'll definitely rock the crowns of all listeners. Musical Innovation at it's finest don't miss out on this limited time only free release sure to please beat heads worldwide."
More info.

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