Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quick fix: Midnight Seeker - Stories From The Depths Vol.1 + 3 dope remix by Freqnik & WDRE

1. Mosaek feat. Pyrospoken - Sunny Days (Live It Up)
2. Uyama Hiroto feat. Pase Rock - Fly Love Song
3. Incise feat. Need No Worry - Hope
4. Volta Masters-Mr. Lawrence (Heart Music Remix)
5. Dem Southernfolkz - The Message
6. Sinuous Productions - Make Way
7. Know Jaunder - Intro Window
8. SoulChef feat. Unknown Suspect - Never Too Late
9. Jazz Addixx - Hip Hop
10. 1773 - Sounds Of Life

Nice little mix/compilation by Midnight Seeker, this is the first of a series.
'Stories From The Depths' is trying to seek into the deepest corners of Hip Hop music to bring up for you various underrated but talented artists and also some that already have a name but sadly many of us have forgotten it. The compilations will combine Hip Hop with Jazz, Soul, Blues and other genres, mainly going for a soft oldschool approach. It will be released monthly so keep close if you enjoy listening to some great stories music has to tell you.
More info.

Here we have 3 great remix by Freqnik & WDRE.

More info.

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