Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jimmy The Bang? "aka" e.d.g.e. - Loop Playback (Beat tape)

Well what do you know!  e.d.g.e. is not just a skillful emcee is also a dope producer .
Peep is freshly released beat tape.

                   "Aside from rhyming, I often make beats on the side...I wouldn't call myself a producer, or even a beatmaker though. The reason being, most of my work consists of repeated 4-bar loops, more often than not without basslines!! So I'd prefer to call myself a "Loop Technician", and my Loop Technician alias has always been Jimmy The Bang? (The question mark isn't a typo, it's more of a rhetorical question mark). Either way...enjoy my collection of loops that I placed in chronological order (Early Evening was created in 2005 and Sleep Pattern in 2010), and if you feel like downloading them, go ahead. Most of them I've used for my own songs though, so if you want to use them for mixtapes feel free. "

       -e.d.g.e. aka Jimmy The Bang?

More info.

More dopeness by e.g.d.e.

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