Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dope discovery: The BUMS - Like This

Damn this is dope! Super Nice Music re-released (first released in 2008) the debut album
from The BUMS a skillful duo hailing from North Carolina.

"The BUMS are MO (MC, Producer) from Richmond, VA and TJ Hooky aka Dick Grayson (Producer) from Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA. The acronym BUMS stands for Building Up Musical Sounds, and not without reason. Both MO and TJ come from Hip Hop’s golden age, both produce music and like to blend the all-time great American music like R&B, Soul, Jazz and Funk with the classic Hip Hop from the likes of Dilla, Pete Rock, Madlib, DJ Premier and Dr. Dre.

The BUMS met in 2002 through a mutual friend and shortly after started working on their debut LP, entitled Like This. Although originally released in 2008, the Super Nice crew feels like this LP is not recognized for what it is, a true Hip Hop classic, and therefore decided to re-release the long player to give it the shine it deserves. This fourth Super Nice release is just a warm up to more and better things to come from the unique duo that is The BUMS!

Currently The BUMS are hard at work in the studio to finish off two new projects: A Beautiful World and Bumtacular Fleets, which are both expected to be released on Super Nice Music in 2012.  After releasing these two projects MO and TJ hope to expand the sound of The BUMS to different genres such as Jazz/Instrumental and R&B projects."

More info (Super Nice Music)

More info (The BUMS).

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