Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Support : ScholarMan - Worth Fighting

Freshly released project by the Maryland emcee/producer ScholarMan.
“Worth Fighting For” is my eighth retail album since I first began releasing distributed works back in 2004. Worth Fighting For is a testament to the many years of toil I have put in to not only building my craft but also growing and improving as a man and a father. The title of the album represents a question as well as a statement – are your dreams worth fighting for? Your dreams ARE worth fighting for. With that said, this album is another building block within my own struggle as an independent artist. As Talib Kweli once said, my struggle has been a “beautiful one.” I don’t have any regrets with the amount of blood, tears and sweat that I have put into my dream. Over the years I have called my brand of hip-hop “revolutionary” because with every album I reinvent and improve my sound, delivering something new and unique to the hip-hop genre. Recently I have also borrowed the term “hip-hop soul” because I have always been an advocate of presenting music that comes from the soul containing much substance. As always this album contains my ups, downs, loves, opinions and more. I hope you enjoy my latest and greatest. Thanks for the support."


More dopeness by ScholarMan.

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