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Exclusive Interview : Precise. Runaway Owl's Society exclusive

Interview by Mr.Owl

Mr. Owl and the Runaway Owl's Society are proud to present this dope interview with Chicago's 
  Mc /producer Precise, enjoy.

   1.(Mr. Owl)     Would you please give a quick introduction of yourself for people who don't know you.
 (Precise) I’m Precise a performing artist/emcee of Haitian decent from the Southside of Chicago. I represent God, myself and an artist collective by the name of JustFm365. Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak to the world.

   2.You developed your skills from your experiences as a child attending your father's band rehearsals right? Anybody else who influence your career?
 Well I’m influenced by many things. My father’s influence plays a big part with respect to the musical aspect of who I am. I am also inspired by my children because they remind me that our imaginations have no boundaries and we are able to create the reality that we wish to see.

   3.How long have you been making beats and rhyming? 

 I’ve rhymed for over 15yrs now. I dabble with production here and there and Ive been doing that for about 7yrs now. However my first love is rhyming and being an emcee. The feeling I get when people are in tune with what I deliver is unmatched.

  4.You started off as a DJ , what do you think about the digital era of DJing ? (no vinyl , Serato ect )

 The digital era of Djing is great. I remember what it was like to carry around milk crates of records to gigs. I wouldn’t want to do that again. The only issue now is that the art of digging for records is compromised because we live in a society that is so instant. I’m a fan of vinyl and reading credits so it allows me to learn more about the history of the musicians. I think the age of serato has taken away from that focus; however the mechanics of djing now make it a whole lot easier and more accessible.

  5. What are your future project and what can we expect for 2011- 2012?

 Well right now I am finishing up my official debut album “It’s On Me” with production by me and Tyehill and Dj Thunder of the Produktionix. I am so excited about this because it’s time for our culture to be reclaimed and shaped back into its original state and be allowed to grow at the same time. I feel my album will be a representation of that. I’m also working on my mixtape “ladies Love Mixtapes. Basically its mixtape that focuses on relationships and the ups and downs we go thru as human beings. I am also a part of an artist collective known at Justfm365 we showcase arts and entertainment all year round. We do a production known as The CGX (The Creative Group Experience) it’s comprised of live art, singing poetry, dancing and rapping all in 60 min or less. Currently we are in the early stages of a national tour.

  6. Who are your role models?

 My mother is my role model because of her story. My parents are from Haiti. To know that she came here learned another language and made a life for us is so amazing. I love her for it and she is definitely at the top of my list when it comes to role models.

  7.What are your inspirations to making music?

 I draw inspiration from numerous places, such as my children my circle of friends, an experience I may have had or even an experience that someone else has had. Inspiration is all around us.

  8. What have been the ups and downs since you started making music?

 I love that I was blessed with this gift to write and have my voice heard. It has opened so many doors for me. It can get challenging at times, but that’s part of the journey. All things work out for our good, so the ups and downs help me to grow and become better.

  9. What were the first lp/cd/cassette and or mixtape you ever bought with your own money?

 The first Lp I bought with my own money was Thriller by Michael Jackson. The first cassette I bought was “License To ILL” by the Beastie Boys and The first cd I bought was “Compositions” by Anita Baker

  10. How do you spoil yourself?

 Good question. I like going out to eat and good company. I don’t really splurge on too much, however when the opportunity arises I like to travel and buy good music.

  11. Who has been supporting you and your career?

 My family, my friends and my fans who I consider my extended family have supported me a great deal. I’ve been doing this for a while and thought about giving up so many time because things didn’t seem to pan out like I wanted them too however, everything happens in its season and I am confident that this is mine.

  12. What do you think his overrated in the rap game?

 I think this constant focus on what is HOT is overrated. So many of us are swayed by the onslaught of media focused on one particular artist that we forget that there is so much more to this culture than one artist or one crew, or even one genre of music.

  13. Tell us about fatherhood.

 Fatherhood for me is a work in progress. I love my family and as my kids are learning about life so am I. My presence as a father in my children’s lives is essential to their lives and my community. What I’m learning is that it’s not about the material that you give them but the love that you provide. So many fathers are pushed out of their children’s lives because of financial matters and it’s a detriment to society as a whole. It is imperative as a father that we represent Love, Knowledge and Understanding to our children.

  14. Describe the hip-hop scene in Chicago?

 I think the hip-hop scene in Chicago is one of the best in the world. We have the benefit of being in the middle of the world. This allows us to absorb influences from both coasts and create artists such as Common, Kanye, Twista, Lupe, JustFlo, Uneq’ka, Lyghtskin and Precise. All of these artists are amazing and are a testament to the diversity in styles and music that come from Chicago. When I look at the scene in Chicago and how it has affected the world it makes me want to keep going because we have so much to offer.

  15. Who would be your ideal diner guest, living or dead, and what would you serve theme+ what music would you play?

 I have never been asked that question before. Let me see. My ideal dinner guests would be Marcus Garvey, Mos Def, Common, Oprah, Louis Farrakhan and President Obama. I would serve Haitian Food and we would listen to some smooth Jazz and Tribe Called Quest Albums.

  16. Thank you for taking the time out to speak to us any final words, and or shout outs you wanna 

 Well first I want to say thank you to you. I appreciate this and I am very grateful. If people wanna find me on the web you can google “Precise Chicago Hip Hop” or hit me on @Precise_Chi on twitter. Also my single can be purchased on iTunes and you can find it on bandcamp at and most importantly keep pressing forward and Stay Focused, Positive and Productive.

Dope Music /Hip-Hop by Precise

Precise on the net

Thanks to Precise and Redell Drakeford for the time the give me to make this interview.
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