Thursday, November 17, 2011


Fresh new release by Rapsody


01. Pace Myself [prod. 9th Wonder]
02. The Autobiography of M.E. [prod. 9th Wonder]
03. A Crush Groove [prod. 9th Wonder]
04. The Woman’s Work [prod. 9th Wonder]
05. For Everything [prod. Khrysis]
06. Ain’t Worthy ft. GQ [prod. Amp]
07. 420 pm [prod. Khrysis]
08. Jamla Girls / Jamla Boys [prod. 9th Wonder]
09. ABC / Guilty [prod. Eric G.]
10. A Cold Winter ft. Freeway [prod. Amp]
11. All Black Everything [prod. Eric G.]
12. Live It Up ft. Bluu Suede [prod. Khrysis]
13. Rock the Bells ft. Kendrick Lamar [prod. Khrysis]
14. Dear Friends [prod. 9th Wonder]

Executive Producers: Rapsody & 9th Wonder for The Black Jedi
All tracks Overseen by the Soul Council (9th Wonder, Khrysis, E.Jones, Fatin, Ka$h, Eric G., Amp)
All tracks mixed by Khrysis at Brightlady Studios, Raleigh, NC
A&R Direction-The Universal Zulu Nation and Culture Over Everything, Inc.
2011 Jamla Records

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