Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Joe Left Hand Records present : A Few Selections (Dropping Nov 25th)


1. Jago Moonshine - prepare for the night
2. Fatnice - word superb (prod by Knowledge brown)
3. Cos G - southside state of mind (prod by cos g)
4. Aslaam Mahdi - man gone (prod by dion brown)
5. the GEAUX - Etude no. 5 (instrumental)
6. Fathom 9 - hell stormz (prod by fathom 9)
7. Nekaybaaw - Sweetwater 2.0 (Spirit Guides Us) (prod by nekaybaaw)
8. Prothorax antenna - When Stars Collided (prod by sicx)
9. 9th Scientist - Dat Stank ft. MaxPtah (prod by king boom)
10. Blaak the 9th Mann (Beatsmifs) - Bottom of the 9th (instrumental)
11. Empee - Hope Is Gone (prod by MaxPtah)
12. Brok.en - MiniteMurderTwo (prod by Brok.en)
13. Gilead 7 - I Got You .1 (prod by the GEAUX)
14. King Boom - Anti Tell Lie Vision (instrumental)
15. Jason Da Hater - All Clothes Ain't For Everybody (prod by cosmo)
16. Infinito 2017 - Walking Wonderful (Remixed by White Shadow)
17. Mannie Gee - 167 (instrumental)
18. Truth Universal - This Moment (feat. Lyrikill) (prod by Prospekt)
19. Mordecai the Foul ft. Derelick of IMC - Night of the Living Dread (prod by mordecai the foul)
20. vortx of distorsun - retake the south (xhosa) (prod kiza)
21. kenautis Smith - rightnow (jay z remix track) (instrumental)

Yo this is a dope new compilation dropping Nov 25th on the Joe Left Hand Records, a wild variety of    
Mc's facing creative Beat Makers.The Jazz , Soul and Boombap is never far in the beats or instrumental  
tracks and the Mc's are a bunch of inspired storytellers. This compilation is a dope way to discover many  new artists and older soldiers . Some gonna call this compilation experimental ...i'll call it HIP-HO           
Peace have a nice day.                                                                                                                                 
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