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Exclusive Interview : Embryotik .Runaway Owl's Society exclusive

Interview By Mr.Owl

  Lady and gentleman, i'm proud to present Embryotik , read the interview , leave comments, download is music and go like is Facebook page , enjoy, peace

1.(Mr.Owl) First of all,could you introduce yourself, for people who don't know you?
What is the story behind the name?

  (Embryotik) Hey guys. ‘Names Embryotik. I’m pretty excited for this interview because it’s just another way for y’all to get to know me. I got a lot to say. Check it J

   The story behind the name… well, there’s no story, just a truth. And that truth is that we are all in a perpetual state of un-born—always growing, always struggling,.To be alive is to be unborn, and to be fully alive is to be aware of being unborn. Being fully alive is not the presence of a working central nervous system, a functioning brain and a beating heart—being fully alive is having an enthusiasm about living the best life possible, and working towards that. My name is Embryotik. And I, like all who are reading this, plus the ladies and dudes beyond, are all struggling, all growing, and all unborn.

2.When and why did you to start rapping?
     I started rapping three years ago, in December of ’09. Since the age of 7 (sixteen years ago), I’ve been writing poetry. It started with a class poetry assignment, and I gracefully stole a short Shel Silverstein piece and told the class it was mine. How witty I was! My classmates’ parents were in awe. In that same year in the second grade we were instructed to write a story. My parents and I both found out that I could really write, and that I had an unstoppable passion for it, when I wrote that story in the style of R.L. Stein’s Goosebumps (there was a dedication page). The story was 18 disjointed chapters.
 I went away to rehab for substance abuse in the April of 2006, right before senior prom and high school graduation. I started writing rhymes, but I didn’t quite know what I was doing. At all.
 A few years later, successfully in recovery and still sober, I met up with whom we could call my “mentor” (more on him in a few questions). He was rhyming about his hardships, his addiction, his recovery, his life. He was one of the only cats I’ve heard or read who’s writing truly impressed me, and there is an equal awe I hold for his skill behind the micriphone. I remembered seeing him visit the rehab we both coincidentally went through (at different times); he was sharing his gift with an auditorium full of concerned counselors, sick patients and worried, frightened parents. I told him that I wanted to rap and I came over his college apartment to do so. We started jamming.
  He guided me, showing me how to hit the kick and the snare, how to project my voice, how not to scream on he mic, but be bold. Recovery, my story, the feeling I got from listening to my mentor’s music, and his gorgeous guidance are what started me on this journey. That’s the how and the why of it. Fuck yeah. Reppin’ Hewlett, NY.

3.What are your future project?

  I can’t tell you about my future projects. If I did I’d have to pounce upon you lyrically and desecrate your eardrums with the beautiful sounds that you will be hearing in the future but I am not yet letting you hear. Booya-boom.

4.Did you follow any musical schooling?
   I followed no music schooling at all. There were a few individual classes here and there which I thought sounded interesting, but I didn’t end up paying attention. Oh, and I got an ‘F ‘in band (that shiny ol’ trumpet) in middle school. I then quit that shit.

5.Who are your role model and/or heroes?
  My father is my role model. I’m actually sitting right across from him at this moment. We’re on a plane heading from JFK Airport in Queens, NY to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to see the grandparents for this joke of a holiday (Thanksgiving). But my dad loves me so much that it is unbelievable a man could be so selfless. My mother and father have always been right by my side and continue to be. As a man, looking up to another man, I couldn’t imagine hearing my dad complain about working hard to support the family. Whether business is bad or it’s one level above bad, which is still bad, my father gets up and shows up, then comes home and watches some television with his wife and sons. He’s shown me that being a man isn’t being the alpha male. It’s being the guy who can show all sides of him, as long as its best for the ones he loves. And the ones who love him. Pops--> you’re my hero.

6.Who and what are your  inspiration to making music?
   Aright, so that mentor  of mine I was talking about. His name’s Fienyx. His ability to compose a beautiful piece of music, to take a dark, non-existent piece of clay and shape it, to mold that piece into a tall, thin lady dressed in all black wiht running mascarra and a face that says “Hi. I’m emptier than the emptiest of black holes. Put your hand to my breast and feel my hollow heart weakly growl. A purr of sorts, if you wish”. It’s unimaginably amazing. And believe me, I can mostly be a cri-ti-cal duuuuuudee....

7.What have been the ups and downs since you started making music?

   The downs are the limited funds while I’m trying to support this movement of mine. I have pretty much nothing of my own at my disposal, which is pretty typical of the artist. I know we know It’s tough. But by no means did I grow up without money, let’s make that clear and I will not hold back the fact that I have grown up with financial comfortability ( I dunno if that’s a word, but I like it), even though the rap scene almost silently demands that you must be hard on money, you must be from a tough neighborhood, and you must be a rough-around-the-edges type of person in order to have earned ‘microphonic’ respect. I don’t know the streets. And...I don’t need to to rhyme. Also, I am always being told I sound like Eminem, either flow-wise, lyrically, or voice-wise. Look,:he was the first emcee I truly started emulating, writing rhymes like his back beofre I actually started rappin’, makin’ some really cool sounding stuff and all, but I am not Eminem. I’m Embryotik. And regardless of whether the first two letters of my
‘title’ are the same or not, I am not the next Eminem.  I’m just…the next. One of the Many. Not the one…But…One of the Many.
  All of the beats I have recorded to so far have been industry beats, whether they are known or unknown by most. I go crate digging, except I do it online.  But this has held me back from being in any position to sell my music. Ya can’t purchase most my shit ‘cos I’ll get sued if I sell it, fool! (besides one track, Follow Me, which surely will be available.) However, this has turned into a plus. People who have known of the beats I have picked to rock to react positively to my song choices. Plus, I get to experiment with a plethora of different known and unkown, but published producers. Some dudes have beats I like and are willing to throw ‘em over to me to lay tracks down on, which is cool; and I have a few beats currently being produced for me. They’re rare gems, indeed. But the whole ‘deilemma’ leads to an upside. I am starting to produce, to learn the ins and outs and make my own my own. By the way, if anyone reading this feels that he/she and I would mesh like ‘perfecto!’ on one of their beastly creations, tell me as much and throw me a beat! I love to meet artists, collaborate, and excel with others who are heading in the same direction.
And speaking about the plusses, boy do I LOVE rocking crowds. I’m an attention-guzzling whore, man. And being able to see my own progress, that’s cool, too.

8.What's the first rap album you heard that steered  you towards Hip-Hop?
   The first rap albums I heard that steered me towards hip hop were Ice Cube’s Lethal Injection and Biggie’s Ready to Die. Some bunkmates and I at sleepaway camp (I was probably 9) found a CD case by the basketball courts and hoarded the whole thing to ourselves. I remember hearing *fuckfuckfuckbitchfuckabitch*. AND I LOVED IT! “They call me Bigga, the condom filla”...I still love the raunchiness.

9.What rap records have influenced you the most?
   My boy Fienyx’s mixtape he made for me years ago influenced me the most. Fienyx (remember the name) has music up on Reverbnation and Facebook. Check him out. I’m not gonna’ get into any other albums. Honestly, I have a lot to say about this question, but his shit is where it’s at. I’d say, though, that the song that has influenced my music and my life as a whole the most is Little Man by Atmosphere. Production’s beastly and Slug’s a beast.

10. How do you spoil yourself?
   I spoil myself in unhealthy ways. I tend to overdo everything (hence the whole rehab and 5+ years sober thing). It’s all good, I mean, I’m a work in progress, ya know? But I’d like to begin to spoil myself by not spoiling myself, to pamper myself with the gift of the now instead of rewarding myself with what I want when I want it.

11.Talk about your hometown .
  My hometown is alright. I mean, I guess it’s all perspective. I can be cynical. My brothers, for example, love Hewlett. I don’t. It’s nothing special, and full of the pretentious (am I being pretentious myself??). Well, yeah, it’s pretty, man—on bright days the sun holds the trees so green that they’re something other than real, and flowers line the homes and the smell is wonderfully fresh. The back roads are confusing and we all have cars. No one can get around in the suburbs too efficiently without a car. I mean, there’s really not much else to say.

12.What do you think his overrated in the rap game?
   I think that many people are overrated. But then again, I may not completely not understand or understand some people’s tastes—I’m willing to admit this—and we all have different tastes. II’ve checked out dudes like Waka Flocka Flame (or whatever) and I stand mouth agape like…”What????! THIS GUY is getting props??!!!??!”

13.Who is the best producer alive and best MC ?
   The best producer alive and the best emcee..‘hmmm’. Won’t answer the question like that. There are so many dope artists, and I’m not using the word “artist” lightly. When a guy or gal paints the airwaves with the the beauty of “what’s available in life” (all ‘them colors), then they’ve really got me. O producer and one emcee whom really make an impression on me (like “WOW”), though, are Necro (as a producer), and Sage Francis (as an emcee).

14.Who would be your ideal diner guest, living or dead, and what would you serve them + what music would you play?
   Ah, my ideal dinner guest. Edgar Allan Poe, baby! And I’d serve him a horse’s head. He’d prob’ write some demented shit—just the way I like it…….. I’d put on Frédéric CHOPIN: Op. 69, No. 2 (Valse). That haunting melody…plus Edgar Allan’s haunted soul…yeah, I think I’d be quite amused. Probably with a ghostly smile stretched across my skin…J

15. thank you for taking the time out to speak to us, any last words?
   No, thank you! Last words? Well, I have my sample package ready for you to download, PLUS an exclusive for this interview, my new song ‘Alright’…. Visit my website at,
 My Facebook page at, or my Reverbnation to hear a snippit of that single Follow Me with a link for purchase. I think you’ll hear the influences beat-wise (I’d love to know if ya catch it!), and you probably will pick up on my shout-out to Nas. My email address is METOYOU@EMBRYOTIK.COM. I’d love to hear from you there and/or on Facebook. Let me know what your thoughts are—I’ll be sure to keep you updated! Catch my personal page, as well, at Embryotik Sean Posner!

  By the way, check out DJ B3Lv! He’s my homie and he’s movin’ on up in the Dubstep/House scene…had to throw in a plug for my dude. You’ll probably see some mash-up from us in the future.

Peace! Love, and happiness…….


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