Monday, January 30, 2012

IsaiahThe3rd - Seven Days of Rhapsody


01. Wrath of the 3rd
02. Thief’s Theme (ft. D.Julien)
03. The Pain
04. Cruel Love
05. The Joy
06. Maker’s Mark (ft. Kemizt)
07. The Theory of Avarice
08. Heart of a Villain
09. Rebel Smoke
10. Crooks & Castles
11. Generator 3rd
12. The Hideout
13. Pray for Me
14. Jar of Hearts
15. Winter’s Outro Part II*
16. From The 3rd With Love*
*Bonus Track

Great new release by up-and-coming emcee, IsaiahThe3rd 
This is the followup to last year Death of the 3rd.

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More dopeness IsaiahThe3rd

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