Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Marcellous Lovelace (a.k.a Infinito 2017) - Fantasy World In An Opaque Imagination

New (free) project by Marcellous Lovelace (a.k.a Infinito 2017) with all production by Dion Brown.
Marcellous always bring mindful project.

"A visual portrait of now: The album fantasy world in an opaque imagination is a response to a world full of internet only rappers and music over some none dj mix that has no substance. marcellous lovelace has taken time to mix yet another project of creative thought over the melodic afro / jazz styles of dion brown. a project that was started early in the summer of the year has now been finished and titled "fantasy world in an opaque imagination". listen to this album as if its 5 parts to a short film in 50 chapters, detailing the exploits of this black mans mind looking at the world on the outside of the box (fish tank)."

More info : www.joelefthandrecords.com

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