Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sabzi (of Blue Scholars) - TOWNFOLK INSTRUMENTAL CHRONICLES vol 1-4

"RAVENNA is my first collection of instrumentals that found its way to the public. Produced between 2003-2005 in a house and an apartment near Ravenna. Each track was originally composed to stand on its own which is why they all have their own unique titles.
These beats eventually served as the production bed for the first album released by Blue Scholars in 2004, and the reissue of the same album with bonus tracks in 2005."

"These instros explore similar themes found in the RAVENNA collection, just a little more evolved and clean in their sample chopping and blending. also, besides just being fascinated with samples, one thing to mention is that i made a lot of these sounds in my early 20s when i had no money. outboard synthesizers were expensive, and the soft-synth game was a little under the radar so quite frankly it was more affordable to make beats outta snatching sounds from records.
lucky for me, a rap group i started with a friend earned us a little chalupa and i copped a MOTIF Rack ES. with this new toy, i could sprinkle bits of synth and bassy-er bass lines into the music and slowly gravitate myself back toward my West Coast ways.
these 9 tracks were paired up with words spat by Geo (Prometheus Brown) and released as The Long March EP by Blue Scholars in October of 2005"


"A bulk of these tracks were composed during a period when the home studio was located in a cozy attic atop a house across the street from The Maplewood Playfield.
in the summertime we’d run extension cables from the house, over the trees, and across the street to the field to power turntables and speakers while the homie from Whitecenter who hooked me up with my first car grilled hella koobideh and joojeh kabob for about 30 of our friends.
the crazy landlady tried to remodel the house while we were living in it, at one point putting the kitchen entirely outta commission simultaneously talkin bout raising the rent.  she also smelled hella bad. 
The Maplewood Playfield contains (with a couple exceptions) the breakbeat-iest sounding instrumentals out of the first three collections and concludes the “drum-break era” of my production.  these 15 tracks were selected to serve as the production bed for the eponymous Common Market album."

"2006 was kind of a dark period.  a lot of attention was on the war, housing was really expensive, nobody liked the president, and Dilla had just died.   maybe this is what inspired me to make a bunch of beats that some would call melancholy, hopeful, or glorious.  i liked that.

this collection moves away from the classic drum-break approach and explores a whole lot of snares and off-beat claps, the fusion of samples and synthesizers, and a handful of live instrumentation.  a darker, electronic and also organic vibe.

these instrumentals served as the production bed for the second Blue Scholars LP, “Bayani”"

Sabzi of Blue Scholars decided to drop a lot of his old instrumentals. 
The comments come from Sabzi own's Bandcamp and official site .

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