Thursday, December 1, 2011

E​-​Fluent & Myneframe Present - Both Sides Of The Coin

Freshly release project by E​-​Fluent & Myneframe.

"E-Fluent & Myneframe's BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN is the 1st collaborative effort between the 2 Upstate NY MC's. Hosted by Coast2Coast's DJ Nizzle and featuring Miranda Welch, T. Griz, and Stevie Z, the tape flows seamlessly through its 20+ tracks.
When the Duo trade bars, the payoff is well worth the listen. And they're chemistry on the microphone is definitely evident in tracks such as "Darkest Hour", "607", "Forgotten", and "It's That Deep".
Being That this is Myneframe's 1st official release, his hunger is unrelenting throughout the whole project. As Heard on solo tracks such as "On Top Of The World", "Go Hard" and "My Story". Myneframe proves on every verse that he is destined for big things.
As for E-Fluent, this is his 6th official release in the last 19 months. The Maturity and growth that he's achieved in that time can be heard on his stand out solo cuts "Right At Home", "Cupid's App", and "As We Grow".
All in all BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN gives you exactly what it promises....2 totally different and unique perspectives on society and life in this day and age"


released 29 November 2011


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