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Interview : Sol Infinite. Runaway Owl's Society Exclusive.

Interview by Mr. Owl 

The multi-talented songwriter/producer/performer is the youngest of two children, Sol Infinite was born in Paterson, NJ in 1981. He spent his teenage years in Montclair, NJ, where he still resides today. Growing up, he remembers going to his aunt’s house every weekend for family gatherings. His aunt would spin records, turning him on to artists ranging from Blue Magic, James Brown and The Dramatics, to KRS One and Public Enemy. It was here that he first discovered hip-hop. 

Time to learn more about him ...

Mr Owl : First of all,could you introduce yourself, for people who don't know you?
What is the story behind the name?

 Sol Infinite :  My name is really something that has a couple of stories to. But really its from a moment where i was a bit frustrated. Because I really wanted to do this, But my first name was horrible and it was like fake rapper type shit. So I know i'm not that type, and I wasn't comfortable with that. So It was really searching period. Because even my songs at that type reflecting the name i had before. So long story short. I knew i had to be real. be totally honest. And not be dated by being part of a trend, or the hot for the moment type. But an artist that was timeless and honest. So that you can follow the life story and come along for the ride. So I asked where my music coming from. The Soul. then that infinite part is pretty much something that it has no ending. And theres a much deeper part to it all. but Sol Infinite really means something that is eternal and brilliant  and honest.

You declared that your not a rapper, why?

  There's a bad connotation to the term rapper. Imagine telling a girl you just met you a rapper? her reply, *instant screwface.*  But an MC is official. But i don't wanna self proclaim that, that's up to others to say, you know. Gotta pay the rightful dues in order self proclaim you an MC. But a rapper? nahhh.. thats not me.. Rappers are still on myspace typing in all caps about their mixtape or on twitter saying follow for a follow and interupting  conversations you have with someone else with a link to their mixtape on dat piff. nah that's not me.

When and why did you to start making beat?

  I started making beats, few years ago out of frustration. Asking for beats become very frustration and by the time you get the beat.. you are like 'eh' or the beat maker says, it wasnt what I originally heard or expected. So you are like, seriously?Damn. I know what I am doing and have a vision. So at the same time, I am really into music,actually pretty obsessive about music, but I dont consider myself a digger to some degree. Those dudes are on another level.

What's in your studioWhat is your equipment to make beats? 
  I really cant say. Its really a secret. Its not what anyone else does honestly.  But heres a hint:  Pause Tapes. If anyone know what that is.. then you on the right path.

How do yo start a beat, how your beats are created?

  I usually start the beat.. Instinctively. I switch back & forward from Mc to Producer during the process. I hear a sample automatically im going I would really kill this track if it was ever sampled. So then back to beatmaker mode let me put it in the right context for me to rhyme to.  So it usually starts Sample First.

What are your future project?

  Right now, I working and formulating new ideas for next projects. It seems like I have the groundwork for a new ep that can come out in 2 months or so. But Im not sure it may evolve into an album. One project Im working on is a instrumental type album that coincides with visuals that Im doing. As well, doing different eps with different artists. But really im just formulated ideas getting everything to a place where I actually have life material to produce subject matter, concepts and themes.

Did you follow any musical schooling?

   Actually no. I dont. I think as far as schooling goes its been from a observant role basically. But I think as far as rapping, any good MC should and most like study other MCs.  Really dissecting their style cadence, choices of words, their perspective etc. That right there is a lifelong study. Same goes as for a producer or beatmaker, most study musicians, producers, engineers, & sounds, of all genres and eras and really get familiar with them to actually construct an understanding on what exactly is going on.

Who are your role model and/or heroes?

   My father is a hero. But every hero flawed. I think he will be my hero because I rather want to know the flaws of a hero than give a person a heroic status and that person has another side to them which I would be crushed by. Since I know his flaws. I know who he is, what he has done  and capable of. Thats a hero.

Who and what are your  inspiration to making music?

   My inspiration is really express thought and viewpoints within the culture. Everyone wants to be known for the do and to share their thoughts ideas that will add -on to the timeline. So I just wanna add-on and be part of the culture/society. I think some people who inspire me are  so many and so vast in differences but they all offer something. the very idea of yeah I did that is mind boggling at times.And its infectious I feel as though people hear some of music they may feel something like yeah I can do what I want to do. They can walk with it like they may be in a folk in a road between what they want to do and what they been doing.. my music is the music to do what you want to do and to think a certain way where you are observant and introspectively. The concept of soul searching is something that really isn't evaluated .. everyone acts as if they know everything sure of everything. but the deepest and most purest thing is to say I dont know. thats the first step to knowing and understanding. So I think the inspiration is really from that process the thisis me flaws and all my environment views and everything. and everyone and everything is my inspiration.
Your music remind me of Count Bass D , his he one of your inspiration?

     I am not that familiar with his music. I know of Dwight Spitz.  but other than that.. Unfortunately Im not that familiar with his music.  I will have to check him out.

What have been the ups and downs since you started making music?

   The Ups and Downs been working with people who eventually take your ideas and run with it. But for every down moment it builds knowledge of what not to do and strengthens my weakness. So I dont know if I had downs, other than the laziness stuff or sometimes my anti- social ways get involved and I dont want to show up to stuff or answer phone calls. I think thats some asshole shit that I am now getting over but once was a hindrance. The Ups been people liking the music and want to hear more. where once in the past People thought i was too complex and weird, which I still dont understand. 

What's the first rap album you heard that steered  you towards Hip-Hop?

 I remembered going crazy hearing the show with dougie fresh and slick rick. I was a kid but I have an early memory of one night my older sister playing that record over and over and we were dancing. But that hot ass summer of 1988. It was like the first time I ever got to hang out with my sister and her friends outside playing little kid games like ' thats my car'  hearing It takes a nation of millions, empd, eric b and rakim, bdp. like seriously that era was magical. It really made me love hip hop though at that time i didnt know it was called hip hop. It was just good ass music. But every 3 years or so, theres always an album or two that gives me that feeling all over again.

What rap records have influenced you the most? 
   Not in any particular order. But Redman - Muddy Waters, Nas - Illmatic & It Was Written, Wu Tang Forever, BlackStar, Ghostface - Supreme Clientele, Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt, Common- Like Water For Chocolate & Ressurection, the Lyricist Lounge the first one not 2nd compilation Rawkus did. Theres a lot of records...

How do you spoil yourself?

   Honestly I don't think I do. If so its in front of the TV watching old episodes of  Curb your Enthusiasm or Seinfeld. Thats about it.

Talk about your hometown 

  Montclair Nj. yo funny thing about that place. Chris Rock once made a joke about it when it was reported the Best town in America to Raise a Child in the 97.  Its actually a really dope town.  All elements of people there. Theres a lot to say about Montclair. But I think living there made me the person I am today... As unique it once was, I am as well.

Who's been supporting you in your career?
  Everyone I have been in contact with. its only a few non supporting types. Black Pawn & Pawn Structure Productions, The Custodian of Records, Jenri Gonzalez, Efrain Aguilar, Runaway Owl, Grangood, Deft Magazine, Platform, Rock The Dub, Phil Jackson and everyone  @ Side B Radio  WPRB 103.3.fm (wprb.com for streams sundays 5-7pm), alot of blogs for the good reviews. the artists i worked with, Physical Graffiti, John Blake, Pharoahe. alot of people.. I appreciate it all.

What do you think his overrated in the rap game?

  I will turn alot of people off with this reply but yo its all suggestive. J Cole, Childish Gambino, Lupe, 9th Wonder, Jean Grae, Talib Kweli. There are more, but they are sort of underground so I know I will cross paths with them sometime soon.  Im not dissing anyone by saying it.. Just my opinions.

Who is the best producer alive.

  All damn. you know in some way they should have a producer death match. Put Madlib, Dre, Kanye, Timbaland, Battlecat, Pete Rock, RZA, Q tip, Premo, Large Professor, Neptunes, Quik, and a bunch of others in a room... they have to compete in a tournament. the weakest link in each round dies. last one standing lives and get the crown.  Thats the only way we will know. I have no idea. Cuz for everyone I just mentioned they did something are doing stuff Im not feeling.

Who would be your ideal diner guest, living or dead, and what
would you serve theme + what music would you play?

  For everyone I think of there's probably something about them I wouldn't wanna chill with them. At first I thought Jimi Hendrix, than I'm like well after a few questions like is it true you were going to work with Miles and War, and what certain songs meant, and how he actually died, after hearing those answers. I wouldn't know what else to say. Obama, but then again. after a few questions i would want dude to leave.  Plus I wouldn't want to go through the security clearances. Miles, but i heard he was a dude of few words which is good. but dude looked scary. I would probably have Jimi Hendrix, Miles, Curtis Mayfield, Sly Stone,  jam or all play over some of my tracks. it will be a classic. While Malcolm & Martin do the intro and outros and the photos will be done by Helmut Newton.

thank you for taking the time out to speak to us, any last words?

    Thank you. I would have to tell people to Download the album Within,Destination its free. On www.solinfinite.com or www.solinfinite.bandcamp.com Follow me on Twitter @sol_infinite 
   Get in touch with me, lets build.

Dope music/ Hip-Hop by Sol Infinite

Sol infinite on the net.

Many thanks to Sol Infinite for the time he give me .

Final note : support the overground Hip-Hop, support your local scene. 
Be part of the Going up movement = Support Share Support.

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