Friday, October 21, 2011



01. We Want It All [prod. K. Slack]
02. Dusk Til Dawn [prod. !llmind]
03. The Stereotype Remix [prod. Forty I]
04. 3 in the Chamber (ft. O.C., Torae & Kaze) [prod. Ayatollah]
05. Spirit of ‘94 [prod. 9th Wonder]
06. So Real (ft. Erv Ford & Wordsworth) [prod. Erv Ford]
07. Dynasty [prod. Analogic]
08. I Was Raised on It (The 80’s) [prod. Erv Ford]
09. Nobody Like Me (ft. Edo G & Diamond D) [prod. Buckwild]
10. Paperwork (ft. Royce 5’9”) [prod. Erv Ford]
11. On Smash [prod. Ski Beatz]
12. 50/50 [prod. 9th Wonder]
13. Soul Dojo [prod. 9th Wonder]
14. Should’ve Been Here [prod. 9th Wonder]
15. Move Over (ft. Nature) [prod. K. Hill]
16. That’s Gangsta (ft. Iceberg Shug & Jozeemo) [prod. Mr. Twip]
17. Stay a Customer [prod. KAZE]
18. Steelo (ft. & prod. Joe Scrilla)

The project features 18 previously-released cuts 

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