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Exclusive Interview : Trevor DeBlase aKa Lost

Interview By Mr. Owl

 Trevor DeBlase aKa Lost is a young rapper (and one of the founder of The Lost Productions)
from New York.

1.(Mr.owl) First of all, could you introduce yourself, for people who don't know you?
  What is the story behind the name?

   (Travor DeBlase aKa Lost)  Hello Mr. Owl my name is Trevor DeBlase, or Lost.  I'm 19 years old.
I am from mill basin in good old BK and started my record label Lost
Productions around 5 months ago.  Now a lot of people ask me what the
meaning of my name comes from and my answer has always been just
listen to my mixtape and you'll find out.  But, in case anyone does
not understand still, its because I feel lost in the todays modern
society and am looking for answers to fix it and bring change to it.
I feel very strongly about this, so a good deal of my lyrics and
content focus on it.

2. When and why did you decide to start rapping?

    I started rapping at the beginning of my senior year high school
and have been going for two years now.  Me and my friend were sitting
in his basement one day and just threw on some beats and the rest is
history, and even though things didn't work out with this person, I
still wish him the best of luck with the rest of his career in
whatever field he chooses to pursue.

3. What are the future project for you and Lost Productions?

   Right now, we are in the process of releasing a mixtape from each
artist under Lost Productions.  So far we have released Andrew Anglin
or The Chief's mixtape, 1992 LOVE and a Hurricane Irene mixtape just
to get people through that "harsh" storm, which featured some of
everyone on LP.  I also released my premier mixtape, The Bigger
Purpose last week.  There will always be new music coming out of my
studio though, whether it be someone from LP or just someone
associated with us, like Leon Marin, who I am currently starting a
mixtape with also featuring The Chief.  That should be something to
look forward to.

4. Speaking of Lost Productions, how the crew started?

   Lost Productions started with me and my friend Jesse Cordasco, or
Nyck Caution (also a member).  He was one of the first people to
record in my studio back in January when it was just a mic, a macbook,
and garageband.  He then introduced me to some people, who introduced
me to some other people, and now we have a total of 10 artists under
Lost Productions and I am looking for new talent all the time.

5. Who are your role model and/or heroes?

    I have a couple of role models in my life, the main one being my
mother, who had to raise me and my older brother by herself for over
ten years now, after my father died from a heart attack when I was 8.
She is very strong and even though she is always on my case for some
reason or another I still love her and would not be who I am without
her.  My other inspirations are Eminem and Lupe Fiasco.  Eminem
because he made being a white rapper socially acceptable and Lupe
because he preaches about what he feels is right, no matter who
listens or disagrees with him.  He wants to change the world for the
better and I encourage this and will support it til the day I die.

6. Who and what are your  inspiration?

     I have many different forms of inspiration, but I think my
greatest one is proving people wrong and making those that doubted me
when I started actually take in what I say in my music and use it to
better themselves in some way.  If I can make a difference in one
person's life it would make me content.

7. What have been the ups and downs since you started rapping?

     When I first started rapping I was faced with a great deal of hate
and sarcasm from my fellow peers in high school.  No one took a little
white kid seriously to be a rapper and it seemed as though people made
it their personal duty to see me fail.  But, I was able to use that
hate and turn it into my undying determination and love I have for
what I do.  Since I reopened my studio in June of this year,
everything has been going uphill and I cannot wait to see what the
future holds.

8. What's the first rap album you heard that steered  you towards Hip-Hop?

     I actually cannot say what the first album I ever heard that
steered me towards hip hop was because I can safely say that I did not
want to be like any other rapper when I started and I still don't.
The real reason I started was because I wanted my voice to be heard
and I found a way to do it that I am quite good at.  But Eminem's
Mashall Mather's LP is probably my favorite album of all time.

8.5 What rap records have influenced you the most?

    To carry over from question 8, I do not find myself really
"influenced" by any rappers, but more from the current events in the
world and our society.  But if I had to choose the album that had the
biggest impact on me, I would have to say Lupe Fiasco's Lasers,
because of the raw emotion that went into it.  Even though it wasn't
exactly what he wanted, he was still able to bring that classic Lupe
feel and message into his songs.

9. How do you spoil yourself?

    I have to admit I am not easily satisfied as a person and the only
time I can truly say that I am at my happiest and "spoiled" is when I
am engineering an amazing track.  Everything else I do, from women, to
parties, to drugs, just always seem to reroute back to my music
somehow.   I love music more then almost anything else in this entire
world and without it I would be nothing.

10. Talk about your hometown (New York)

     New York has always been good to me.  Its a great place to grow
up and brings so much diversity and a rich culture with it.  I work in
Soho in Manhattan when I am not in school or recording and the
atmosphere is unlike anything else in the world.  Whether I want to
spend the rest of my life here or not is still undecided, but for the
time being and for the first 19 years of my life, I have truly
cherished living in NY.

11. Who's been supporting you in your career?

     My biggest supporters are most likely my mother and brother,
followed by the rest of the member of LP, then my friends and whoever
else make up the listeners.  Some have been from the beginning and
some had to join the bandwagon after much convincing, but our fan base
if without a doubt growing day by day and I don't see it stopping
anytime soon.

12. What do you think his overrated in the rap game?

    I for one hateeee, and when I say hate I mean HATE mainstream
music.  I think anything played on the radio these days is a catchy
hook, punchlines, and a sick beat, which is good for most people, but
for people like me who actually want content and a message in the
music they listen to, it truly is depressing.  But it is a double
edged sword, because resorting back to the old ways of rap would take
out the much wider and diverse audience that rap now has.  So, overall
I believe mainstream is very overrated, but there seems to be no
immediate way to correct this.

13. Who is the best producer alive and who is the best rapper alive?

     In my opinion, the best producer alive is and always has been Dr.
Dre and the best rapper alive or dead is Eminem.

14. Who would be your ideal diner guest, living or dead, and what
would you serve theme+ what music would you play?

    My ideal dinner guest would be the head of any record label.  Not

to play them my music but to just try to make some sense out of what
they do to music these days.  Replaying songs over and over and over
on the radio until hearing them becomes unbearable is not a good
marketing structure.  There is undoubtedly more and better music then
what they release, so I would just attempt to figure this mystery out
over some Cup of Noodles, because frankly thats all I believe they

15. thank you for taking the time out to speak to us, anything else
you would like to add? 

     I really appreciate the opportunity you have given me with this
interview and for those people out there that feel a certain way about
something but are too scared too say it, I hope I give you the
inspiration you need to find the courage to pursue your dreams.
Anything is possible, you just gotta find the will in you to dedicate
your life to that thing.  To everyone else, keep your heads up for our
next project, which will be Nyck Caution's premier mixtape, The
Pursuit, which will be releasing sometime in October.  Thanks again,

The latest Mixtape from Lost:

Lost on the web:

Many thanks to Lost for the time he give me .
Final note : support the overground Hip-Hop, support your local scene. 
Be part of the Going up movement = Support Share Support.

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