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Interview : Marcellous Lovelace aka Infinito 2017. Runaway Owl's Society Exclusive.

Interview By Mr. Owl 

Yo i'm very proud  to present this interview to all true Hip-Hop fans
Let's do this, Lady and Gentlemen : Mr. Marcellous Lovelace aka Infinito 2017

(Mr. Owls) : Would you please give a quick introduction of yourself for people who don't know you?

(Infinito 2017) : Peace respect to the Runaway Owl family. Infinito 2017 is Marcellous Lovelace from the south side of Chicago born and raised been recording music since I was about 12 years old, rhyming since I was 8 and breaking / doing art around the same time.  My goal in doing music is to always stay clear from none progressive mind states of some of the people of some of the people in my city and venture out and see the entire globe as a goal. I don’t want to be like a lot of people I grew up around in Chicago and else where so I normally work alone and get more done like that because some people doing calling themselves creative are lazy bums. I was raised by grown African men and mature African woman in America, and that help me to cultivate being who I am and not this robotic individual like a lot of these digital fake tight pants people out now a day. I’m a man and I know what that means it’s not an image or anything, I’m not a copy cat or clone of any one else. I sound like me and I’m here to present who I am as I am. I’m a very sincere person who has independently created everything about me. I’ve been doing this music stuff before many of these people reconsidered doing  music (meaning they fail off and had to work they way back into who they wanted to be) , I’m not no phony person with no fashion design about me this is just raw hip hop that’s not watered down. 2017 is something I created in 1999 as a goal setter to exist as a conscious self promoted artist. I have recorded many records because that’s what I feel like doing, worked with a lot of people and I’ve personally found it important to be creative while being who I am in the process. Never polish myself to fit any mold or trends and not look or sound like any of these clowns out here, they will not be around next year anyway. Who cares I’m bumping out the frame dude. I also paint doing visual art and making my video projects avoiding materialism and things that don’t uplift. Go to: http://www.infinito2017.com for more http://www.marcellouslovelace.com

What's the history behind your name?

Mr Skurge gave me the name Infinto in 1996 after all my continuous freestyle sessions, he said I had an endless flow. Infinito 2017 was something I thought of while studying lessons in Atlanta with my younger brother. We used to sit in our apartment in Riverdal, GA and throw around math and build on the importance of completion and setting goals at the same time as well as completing goals. My name all together is Infinito which equals 8 letters plus 2017 which equals the number18 (or 2025) and if you put any combination of these letters and numbers together (as stated) it will equal 9 which is the only number that will equal it self no matter how many times you put it together. Be your self and come out as your self!!!

How your career started and how you started with music?

I started in the basement listening to records with my cousin Derrick at my grandma Madears house, my cousin also known as Fatnice who I grew up with, he used to be in this crew in the 80’s called Posse in Effect out in the South suburbs (boondocks) in the city of Chicago. He used to have every tape that cam out from Biz Markie to Run Dmc to De La Soul so that along was inspiration cause he never listened to wack records so it kept my ears intone to a dope beat and what fresh b boy hip hop was suppose to sound like. And during 1989 and 90 summer years being a young child out in the suburbs looking to create me and my other cousin Shon who passed away in 1994 got together and took it upon our self to follow in the foot steps of Derrick and we created our own group called LDP meaning Lamont and Posse and the rest just set the path, that summer we recorded so many TDK recording on two boom box radios it was crazy. Those were the good ole days because Hip- Hop was more pure and heartfelt; our music was like demos of what beats we could get from Rakim, Public Enemy and Ice Cube tapes. We really wanted to be noticed so we really acted out being self contained independent artist back in 1990 it was so much fun. Around 96 I hooked up with Mr Skurge to formulate Unorthodox Poets Society which is the only group I’m a part of out side of my side projects.

What are your future project and what can we expect for 2011- 2012?

2011 will present the new album on my Scorpion born day “Pause Record Not for Sensitive Ears” a lyrical album that’s more about styles and dope beats presenting vocals while giving a message out. Making sure the project is solid and produced tight I’ve got some special bumping beats. Also got a few more side none descript projects that have no connection to me as Infinito 2017 etc … my website and record label will have most of the updates.

What about touring, do you plan to do a tour outside the states, or maybe even over seas?

Yes more touring all over the United States, Canada and Multiple countries from Africa to Europe over the next year or two. Just promoting music on an independent level so the music pushes the opportunities, I don’t have any one to tag along with or use as support so its all just me and my family as the support. 

Who is your role model?

My role model is my immediate family, they all help me to stay a realistic down to earth person for all that its worth. Presenting to people who I am exactly as it’s displayed, being confident, sure and not confused. Having a reason to be proud and project dignity with self esteem.

Who and what are your inspiration to making music?

That’s weird to me because I think the fact that my momma gave me the outlet to see so much as a child and travel on a regular basis I was always able to pull from my environments, it can be any place at anytime with everything around me seeing thing how they were meant to be seen. Also I’d have to say all the African Tradition as well as the indigenous cultures that my Diasporas developed.  

What have been the ups and downs since you started making music?

The ups and downs only come from dealing with people with low self esteem and invalid opinions that can corrupt a prolific reality. The only flaws I’ve ever experience as a Man dealing with music is men who are  not masculine lacking fortitude because they lacked a positive male upbringing and people that restrict themselves from growth, development, insight, proper judgment as well as some type of education to translate clear. Ignorance that ignores facts not using sound reason from people is the only problem that actually exist in personal design, its more or less something that’s annoying over being a major set back, because when these idiotic dawdling cartoon characters approach with inadequacies in reason to display there foolhardiness in opinion I tend to work 10 times as hard and create more music.

What's the meanest thing ever said to you before during or after a gig?

Don’t know because I’ve learned to zone people out when it comes to negative spirits, love of self and my culture forces me to see through unintelligence.

What were the first LP / CD / cassette and or Mix Tape you ever bought with your own money?

What, with my money? I’d say all of the Native Tongues Music, Leader of The New School, Tribe Called Quest, EPMD, Black Moon and artist similar to those. Normally I got a dub off the radio, or collected songs from actual Mix tapes not digital files and WHPK in Chicago.

How do you spoil yourself?

I spoil myself by Travel and not listening to people for 20 hours a day in silence.

I read your bio and you move a lot, where do you live now? And talk a little bit about this place (the Hip-Hop scene, the food ect...)

Well right now I live in no city, being that my life is Art. I claim the South Side of Chicago but I don’t accept the mentality so I’m no where on a regular basis, I plan to relocate to Kenya, Dubai, Ethiopia or Ghana soon. The place I got my Masters Degree from is Memphis and the scene there is rather dope, the artist are fresh with people like MaxPtah, Jason Da Hater, IMC and Fathom 9 being the busiest people out they on the grind joe.

Whose been supporting you and your career? 

My uncle in Denver better known as the Nephew of Frank, he is the man behind it all he creates promotion and access to a wide range of people being that he’s a lover of dusty steppers sets and soul records from Chicago. He makes sure I’m guided in the right direction, between him and all my uncles I’m able to do this Hip – Hop without problems. They are like the mob to me the way they have my back all my life, I think that separates me from a multitude of these slapstick comedians doing music is having so many  positive male role models like my Father, Uncles and they friends.

What do you think is overrated in the rap game?

Wow, I think the whole thing is a gimmick! I know a time when people didn’t have HD cameras that make them seem like they more then they are. And most of the people with that type of tricknology wouldn’t look so cool with out the cameras and they little digital studio recording, pro tools etc … Cats is fake as the game they play. Music is lame because of this, any fool with a recording program can make mix album and call it a tape when they never used a tape in they life it’s a poor figure of speech. It’s misleading and you got these old heads and fake wack wanna be record label executives poisoning children with that negative misleading rhetoric. They should be teaching these children how to read and communicate clear, and stop dressing like punks teaching this useless nonsense to them. Music as a whole has been on a decline since all these lames create these blogs and make these opinions a part of some ones reality. People don’t even do any research on a topic because they to stupid swag arrogant, when they have the tools to look up stuff right in they hands.

Who would be your ideal dinner guest, living or dead, and what would you serve them + what music would you play?

I’d have to say no one; I’m not interested in participating in that option. My immediate family is the only people I’d want to eat with as they respect a lot more than others.

In all yours collaborations, who was your best so far?

I’m going to say, Thaione Davis and Memo from the Molemen because they both enhanced what I do, while letting me maintain my sound. Point-blank my dude!

Who would you work with in the future?

Madlib, I heard he’s a scorpion like me.

What’s a typical work day/night for you?

A day of mine includes either traveling the world or I’m at a elementary school helping to improve the way students receive the way they learn, giving them the option  to love who they are and personalize there approach to learning in life. At night I’m creative and it consists of painting from 10 – 20 paintings, songs, designs and video projects daily.

What equipment do you use for making beats?

I use my lap top, a mixer and a looping machine at times. 

Talk about the painting part of your life?

I’ve been painting since I was a small child, its something that I’ve always did. Its like a norm in my social life like some people drink or party. Or on the other hand I paint as much as a person who produces many beats or like I record songs. I create as another outlet to let the positive energy release it self in other ways besides music. I paint my sensitivities along with the people and things I love. Art is my content expression that never goes away, it always gives me self inspiration showing worth. http://www.marcellouslovelace.com

                           Painting by Marcellous Lovelace.

Talk about love? (Friends, family, girlfriend ECT ...)

Love yourself and your people and you will have love. Give equally and you will never be without what you need. Any woman I’ve loved she is the only one that got that energy at that period of time, one of my main reasons to life is to Love and to generate that idea to hearts. Within anything I do or have done love exists. My family is my foundation and they taught me who and how to love. So girlfriends are treated the same as anything I do or who I love. Love is Infinite (timesless)!!

You have like a million albums out, but it's always sound fresh, what’s your secret?

Focus, block out all things around you live in a zone!!! Make sure I’m the same person I know, I never leave who I am in my process. The most important thing to me recording is being myself. I don’t let nothing or no one get in the way of my process, any lows I record any highs I record. If its an example or model I’d have to say knowing all the many blues, jazz and soul artist who recorded all the music they did over the years but some one else controlled what they do. That’s not a way to be, a person has to dictate every part of there existence to prosper in what they have developed you are your voice let you say your words. Individuality and Self Awareness!!! And don’t be like these lazy drunk bums who perpetrate being fresh!!

Thank you for taking the time out to speak to us, any final words and/or shout outs you wanna give?

Peace and love to the all and everyone who supports. Go get the albums go to youtube see the videos look out for all the films and etc … see the art I’ve painted I’m a part of the same streets that any person lives on or have ventured I’m not above any one, the best person that is the most grounded, help just as much as get assistance. // itunes // ughh.com // accesshiphop.com // emusic etc … look up me any where music is... new record “Pause Record Not for Sensitive Ears” “Pause Record Not for Sensitive Ears”  go get “Rid The Stereotypes and Programmed Slaves” and Outerbody Experience 9.0” “Pause Record Not for Sensitive Ears” “Pause Record Not for Sensitive Ears” also Mics, RCA Cables and Speaker wires and every other album you may like!!! Thank you 

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