Saturday, September 10, 2011

Album review :Venomous 2000 The Ultra Mc - A Moment To Reflect Vol.2


1. Intro (Moment 1)
2. Raw Planted (produced by DefDom)
3 The Most Efficient ft. CyMarshall Law, John Robinson, El Da Sensei & DJ Priority (produced by Sci Fi Stu)
4. I Have A Plan (Moment 2)
5. We Call Them Emcees (produced by DJ MentPlus)
6. Hip-Hop Music ft. RealEyez Mystic (produced by Toilet/Cheese Maker)
7. King Of Soul (Moment 3)
9. Flatlines ft. L.I.F.E.LONG, Skrewtape, Twilight (produced by Rorschach)
11. Local (Moment 4)
13. Rumors of War ft. DJ Hush (produced by DJ Hamma)
14. Release (produced by DJ Irs)
15. Fresh ft. Phonetic & Nalm Myerz (produced by Nalm Myerz)
16. Let's Do It Again (produced by DJ Priority)
17. Now Sir (Moment 5)
18. Constant ft. Tone Liv & DJ Priority (produced by Dibiase)
19. A Whole Lot ft. Phonetic & Nite (produced by Venomous2000)
21. Get Up ft. DJ Priority (produced by Heartbeat Da Producer)
22. And Sometimes ft. Phonetic (produced by Venomous2000)
23. Left Out (produced by Nemisis)
24. Pass That ft. Blackout, BlackHit, Sol Zalez, Rhymageddon, Phace, Buttinz (produced by Push Buttinz)
25. You Come Straight Out Of A Comic Book (Moment 6)
27. As The Beat & The Rhyme Goes On ft. DJ Priority (produced by Kyo Itachi)
28. Real Rap ft. T.Bird, Inspectah Deck, & Fes Taylor (produced by Inspectah Deck)
29. Sky Charm (produced by Venomous2000)
30. Outro (Reflecting)

Boom... Venomous new project is dropping on September 13th
After several listens of A Moment To Reflect vol.2 ( I have a early version ) i am ready to give you some of my thought.

First thing this is a compilation of songs released and some dope exclusives. What I definitely appreciate with A Moment To Reflect vol.2 is the diversity of the production, with production by: Dibiase, DefDom, SciFi Stu, Cheese Maker Productions, DJ Priority, DJ MentPlus, Nemisis, DJ Irs, DJ Hamma, Heartbeat Da Producer, DJ Mishap, Venomous2000, Kid Konnect & more, you can not be
bore=no skip.

On the lyric side of the project you got Venomous shining on all track with a dope lineup of featuring ,the album features: John Robinson, Rhymageddon, CyMarshall Law, El Da Sensei, RealEyez Mystic, Nite, Nalm Myerz, L.I.F.E.LONG, Phonetic, Twilight, Skrewtape, Tone Liv & many more.

I can not find any real down side to the project but this is my opinion.                                                  
                                                           Mr. Owl
                                                       Score : 8.9/10

Album dropping on September 13th

The album drop via: 

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and check the exclusive  interview that i made with him :

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