Saturday, December 22, 2012

Beat Tape: Öster - Wet

New beat tape by Öster.


  1. New music outta BK!

  2. I see someone beat me here

  3. Time: Don Jarron & Johnny Serrano
    @capitalmula @jarronofmula @johnnyofmula

    We're a music collective based in Sacramento, CA. Musicians Utilizing Life's Ambitions looks to expand throughout the world and we hope that you'll give us an outlet to realize that dream. Thank you for reviewing our latest video
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    You can check out more music on

    Thanks again! Much love from Cali!


  4. Hello!
    Hope You doing Well :)

    Im Wrona,
    hip hop producer/beatmaker/rapper from Szczecin, Poland. I do it since
    2007. Now I realised that my music is good (as I gained many fans) but just
    im just being unknown. I decided to get the word out.

    At first - thank You for Your work. It gives big opportunity to artists to share their music worldwide!

    This is my recent (and first) LP - instrumental album (Beattape) -

    Id be really grateful, if You check my music or/and share it:)) Means really much to me.

    Social links: ; YouTube: ; Soundcloud:
    I hope You'll enjoy it!
    Have a Great time :)

    Bartek Wrona