Thursday, June 30, 2011

Discovery : MANUEL SILVA "Summer In NYC PT II" ft SCRiBE + The Dopeness Part 2 (lp Download)

Summertime IN NYC PT II
Manuel Silva ft SCRIBE the Verbalist
The Dopeness Part II
Dir. Elijah "Urbanfilmmaka" White

Released 16 April 2011

NEW! FRESH OFF THE PRESSES! Falling Cranes Media is proud to present to you 
The Dopeness Part II by Manuel Silva. Featuring an appearance from 
SP The Realest and hot guest verses by Malik Marvel and SCRiBE The Verbalist —
 as well as a dope beat by Baddlukk — The Dopeness Part II none-the-less puts 
Manuel Silva at the forefront and features the young emcee/producer at his most 
personal. A richly textured musical journey that borrows elements from a broad
 collection of influences, The Dopeness Part II has a song for everyone. Enjoy!!
                                                                               :D -Ford4D 

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